April 1 thru May 10, 2017

What Is The Journey?

The Journey is Faithful Hearts’ BIG annual fundraiser.

It’s 40 days of nourishment for your heart, soul, mind and strength!

It’s 40 days of women achieving individual goals TOGETHER!

How Does It Work?

Make a personal goal. Whether your goal is to read the Bible, run a marathon, or take time out for yourself. No goal is too big, or too small. Be creative! Click here for some examples.

Register for The Journey 2017 with a $45 suggested donation.

After you register, you will receive a sample letter to assist you in seeking sponsors. Your sponsors’ donations will be based on how much of your goal you reach. For example: How many miles you run; how may hours you spend volunteering; or how many books of the Bible you read. Lump-sum donations are also welcome. These donations can be made by cash or check, and also through a PayPal link (to be provided). All donations are tax-deductible.

A tracking worksheet will also be provided so you can track your progress and sponsor pledges.

How Will We Stay United?

To encourage fellowship as we undertake our individual journeys, we are offering FREE events every week and providing a daily devotional and motivational scripture.

 When Does It Start?

The Journey 2017 starts on Saturday, April 1 with a kickoff party and a  group walk for all participants!

Please see our full Events Schedule!