Decorated Gift Bags!
Fri, Nov 3 from 6:00pm – 8:00pm

Come join us for an evening of fun, creativity, and fellowship. Get ready for the holiday season by decorating simple bags into unique, upscale gift bags to be gifted and/or treasured.

Cost: $5 to the instructor
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Art and Inspiration
Friday, Dec 1

Unfortunately, artist Lynn Farrow has to reschedule her class. Please look for a new date in January or February.

Cozy Craft Night
Friday, Dec 8 from 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm

Join us for a casual evening of crafting and movies on Dec 8.  Crochet, card-making, coloring … bring your hobby to FH. We’ll work and watch the movie It’s a Wonderful Life or just chat about the Advent Season.

Cost:  Free!
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Financial Q&A
(date and time TBD)

Strong Women, Power Financial Strategies: During this complimentary seminar, you will learn ways to:

  • Gain control over your finances
  • Protest the people and things you love the most
  • Make informed financial decisions

The financial planning seminar that Erin Sabin offered earlier this year is once again available…if there is enough interest! If you have any questions about what financial strategies are available to you now or in the future, fill out the form below:

Cost: FREE (includes dinner)!
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Please select one or more time frames to help us plan with Erin.

Other events

More free and low-cost events are are in the works! Please email and let us know if there is a specific type of informal event you would be interested in:

  • Girls Night In! (a movie or game night with just the gals)
  • Cancer and Chronic Illness Support (serious topics don’t have to be formal; if you need a hug, we’re here)
  • Holiday Outreach (Thanksgiving Feast? Cookie Exchange?)
Do you have a suggestion? We would love to hear it! Describe your idea in detail below, or email