Love the Lord your God with all your Heart 

  • Teaching women about the righteous character of God leads to whole-heart love, free from the pretense of personal performance.
  • In loving with her whole heart, she learns to see God as her only source and foundation.


…with all your Soul    

  • Attending to the inner well being of a woman leads to the ability to love out of a healthy soul.
  • In loving with the whole soul, a woman identifies the things in herself that are troublesome or at variance with the attributes she has identified in God and seeks his help in these things.


…with all your Mind 

  • Understanding the Word as it relates to the world enables love that engages the mind and enables evangelism and personal growth.
  • To know God’s Word in order to live godly lives and to teach others to love God with one’s whole mind.


…with all your Strength  

  • Spiritual formation ignites a passion for seeing continued renewal and challenge; effectively investing all purpose and strength in the love of God.
  • …learning to apply God’s Word to life through practice of spiritual disciplines and through the grace of mutual accountability, one is made aware of personal, spiritual growth.