Christmas Letter 2016

Dear Friends of Faithful Hearts,

     As the holidays are approaching we want to send you an update on our ministry along with our wishes for a meaningful and Christ filled season for you and your families.  

     This year we have been blessed with the ministry of two gifted and godly students. (See a short message from each below.) It has long been my hearts desire to come along-side women of the next generation for the purpose of equipping and encouraging them in their faith, and to find excellent ways to use their gifts and talents to honor God. Both of these women have made this ministry better by coupling their passion for Christ with the gifts and abilities he is developing in them. We are most grateful!

     We have been privileged to introduce many women to Jesus through our various means of outreach and service. Support groups for women in various difficult life situations have yielded many strong bonds of friendship, as well as examples of over-coming and encouragement. We continue to offer a safe place where the “Body of Christ” can be experienced among Christian women as we gather around and care for each other.

     Women from many nationalities and different church traditions meet to learn excellent and reliable biblical interpretation skills together. By focusing on the Word they are becoming equipped to influence their families, neighbors and local churches by being true Image Bearers of God. It’s so exciting! I’ve rarely experienced such  honest hunger for understanding God’s Word and excellence in thought and study. Who would even imagine that digging into a text of Scripture would bring such wonderful (and fun) conversations? I learn from each class I teach and enjoy the benefits of learning more and more what it means to love God in entirety of heart, soul, mind and strength. I, along with each of the hundreds who have walked this journey with us, are richer for the experience.

   So, to each of you who have donated your time and resources, thank you. You who have sent us monetary gifts, we are so encouraged by your support and could not continue without you. And our sisters who have found ministry here, we are blessed by your presence. We especially thank those who pray with and for us. Keep it up!

                                                            May God find great joy in the way we minister together,

                                                            Dr. Jan Kempe, Director, Pastor and Teacher at Faithful Hearts


Leader and Volunteer Interest Meeting:

We rely on volunteers to serve and minister to so many women! Please consider using your time and talents to help us further our mission in 2017. We will hold a meeting on Wednesday, January 11, 2016 (6:30 – 8:00 pm) to discuss volunteer and leadership opportunities. The Board will prepare and supply dinner so come hungry to fill your belly and your soul! Please register at If you cannot attend the meeting but want to serve, still fill out the registration and indicate that you are interested. Thank you!


Here are some highlights from 2016 …

Sydni Hagens served for 7 months with us as office manager and served as pastor and teacher to many. After graduating in May she moved to Texas and is sorely missed!!

“Faithful Hearts is unlike any place I have seen before. Women from all walks of life, from dramatically different backgrounds, with different views and beliefs are able to find comfort and rest in our Lord who unites all, and brings all things to himself. This place, this ministry, is somehow different. There is a willingness and encouragement to question what we are taught and what we believe that I haven’t seen before in my years working in the church. Faithful Hearts allows us to be honest with ourselves and others, and admit when we don’t understand or when we can’t believe. I treasured my time at Faithful Hearts. I was able to see true discipleship in the hearts of those around me, I could hear the truth being spoken in the classrooms, and I could feel the healing as women came together to listen, understand and support one another. Faithful Hearts is seeking to fulfill the mission of Christ in a genuine and subtle way. Like the mustard seed that slowly creeps its way through the field, the kingdom of God is slowly, but surely, using Faithful Hearts to spread his love and forgiveness through the Cary area and into the world.”   Sydni Hagens, MDiv, Duke Divinity, 2016

Whitney Chambers served this fall as a counseling intern from Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary. Whitney has been able to offer excellent guidance to individuals and groups in our office and plans to graduate in May of this year. What a fantastic addition to our team!

“Over the past two months at Faithful Hearts, I have frequently listened to heartbreaking, tearful stories: broken relationships, transition/adjustment issues, and trauma events. I have also witnessed God begin healing the lives and hearts of these clients. When clients are willing to close our sessions with prayer (and they almost always are), I pray thanks to God for seeing, knowing, hearing, and loving these clients through the difficult chapters of their life story and for allowing me to be a part of His work.”    Whitney Chambers, A,B.J, M.S., M.A.C.C.(2017)

”See what great love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called the children of God! And that is what we are!” (1Jn. 3:1)                                                

There is no greater gift than this! May you live in this wonderful truth every day of this Christmas season!

Faithful Hearts is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit, para-church organization, functioning as a resource to local churches and to women not currently affiliated with a church. All are welcome here. Should you or your organization be able to partner with us financially, be assured that God will put your gift to work.