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Special Announcements

Back by popular demand: Sheela’s Decorated Gift Bags! Sign up on the Events page to create beautiful, upscale gift bags just in time for the holidays!

Have a wonderful week!

November Message:

Dear Faithful Hearts Sisters,

The holidays are upon us already! The board of Faithful Hearts wants to wish you each a joy- and peace-filled time of rest and reflection.

We had such a great time making Christmas gift bags this month that Sheela has been working like crazy to prepare more materials for an encore fun night. December 8th, 6pm-8pm! Just like before, $5 for materials is appreciated. Or, if you have another craft or just want to watch a movie and eat some goodies, that’s great too! Save the date!

Another date to save is Jan 5th. We’ll create Vision Boards to help conceptualize your goals and resolutions for the New Year! More information is coming soon!

Adelphia Road small groups will be happy to see that the assignments are pretty light during the holidays, but totally worth your time! We will meet as usual the second Thursday in December (the 14th, noon and evening), and then the office will be closed the next two weeks (December 18 through Jan 2) for Christmas break. Pray for each other as you travel and see if you can find a way to tell someone in your family something new that God is teaching you. Be safe and rest up! We have a lot to do in 2018!

Grasping God’s Word #1 (Thursdays) will be working to finish up before the Christmas break as will the Wednesday Armor of God class. New classes will kick off in January including GGW#2, a new GGW#1 class, and if there is interest, a new Armor of God class as well as a Story class. If any of these interest you or if you have other ideas please email and include a few suggested dates and times that you would be available. GGW#1 will be the beginning of the only full GGW study we will be able to fit in this year, so if you’ve been waiting to take this class, this is it!

Further information will be available on the website and our Facebook page at the beginning of January.

May God bless you this holiday season with his presence, whether it’s with family, as you travel or as you prepare.

The FB board of Directors
-Jan, Phyllis, Tina and Christina


(Just a reminder that tax-deductible donations for 2017 need to be in by the end of the year. And thank you!!)


Important Dates

Dec 8: 6:30pm-8:30pm. Christmas Gift Bags. Sheela has been working like crazy to make an even better decoration workshop. RSVP on the Events page.

Jan 5: 6:00pm-8:30pm. Vision Board Workshop. Make a motivational poster of your goals for the new year.

Jan/Feb: Financial Q&A with Erin Sabin. The financial planning seminar offered earlier this year is once again available! If you have any questions about what financial strategies are available to you now or in the future, fill out the short form on the our Events page under Financial Q&A.

Love the Lord your God with all your heart, and with all your soul, and with all your mind and with all your strength.
~Mark 12:30

Women are often referred to as the heart of the home and the heart of the church, busy taking care of everyone. Who takes care of them?

Welcome to an exciting resource for all women who have a desire to learn more about their faith, to find godly counsel or maybe just a place to rest. This is a ministry for women offered by women who have been gifted, called by God and trained to offer you excellent ministry.

Faithful Hearts believes that every woman is a one-of-a-kind, gifted, beloved daughter of God. She deserves to be cared for, listened to, prayed with, and challenged to grow in her knowledge of God.

Twenty-first century American culture is ready to listen to the informed female voice. More than ever, Christian women need to intelligently articulate what they believe, and to live passionately in ways that responsibly represent the character of God.

Now there is a challenge! If you’re up to it, we’d like to take the challenge with you. Welcome to Faithful Hearts, a new kind of ministry for women! Whether you’re part of a church group or not, you belong. Visit us in our office, take part in our groups, or meet right here on the web. Make this a regular part of your day…enter conversations to make yourself at home in the sisterhood of truly amazing and diverse women.